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Saint Philip's ministries are designed to offer opportunities for spiritual growth and development, to share blessings, and to provide service and perpetuate the spirit of Christ by words and by deeds.

Church School

Conducts Bible-based classes for persons of all ages each Sunday morning.


Commission on Christian Education

Promotes Christian education describing its application in daily living; makes careful study of Christian education needs of the local church; and promotes and develops initiatives to meet these needs. 


Media Ministry

Operates the audio and video control room; produces and duplicates copies of events recorded at the church and provides information technology support to the church.


Mighty Men of Saint Philip (Sons of Allen)

Provides opportunities for men to unite in giving their time, talent, and resources to the church and community. Men come together for fellowship and spiritual growth, promoting strong family relationships and presenting positive Christian role models for the children of the church. 


Lay Organization

Instills love and appreciation for the history, tradition and principles of African Methodism. The organization promotes support of the total church program by fostering systemic and regular study; provides information regarding the church and denomination; and encourages participation in the total church. The Lay organization complements the church's ministries/commissions, and auxiliaries by supporting their efforts, as well as instituting its own activities to raise funds for the administration of church functions.


Missionary Society

Provides mission service to members of the church and community, fosters missionary activities, and contributes financially to the church.


Senior Board of Stewards

Comforts the bereaved, maintains contacts with the sick and shut-in members through calls and monthly mailing of cards, and carries out special projects assigned by the Senior Pastor. Serves as the spiritual leaders of the church.


Women's Ministry

Embraces adult women and young girls of the church and community. Attention is on spiritual growth, empowerment, and nurturing, as well as community outreach.


Stewardess Board

Dresses the pulpit, chancery, and altar rail for Holy Communion, Baptism, funerals and memorials, as well as for the various liturgical seasons.


Usher Ministry

Serves as doorkeepers and provides a friendly atmosphere for members and visitors as they enter the church. 


Young Adult Ministries (YAMS)

Engages young adults between the ages of 18 and 35 in an interactive ministry to encourage their participation in the Church. The goal of the Young Adult Ministry is to produce leaders in the Church who are grounded in the Word of God. This ministry responds to counseling needs and encourages the young adults to participate in activities.


Youth Ministries (YPD)

Focuses on the spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and economical development of young adults and youth in the church and the community.

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