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At Saint Philip Monumental AME Church we treat visitors like "family!" We hold one service on Sunday at 10:00 am. 

When you first walk into Saint Philip Monumental AME Church, there are people available to answer your questions and help you find your way.

On First Sundays, we offer communion to all who wish to participate. Tuesday at 7pm we offer a weekly bible study. The last Sunday of the month is a youth-led service. Sometime after the beginning of the service, we make a general announcement to visitors thanking you for worshiping at Saint Philip Monumental AME Church.


We'll ask you to stand and as well as ask our congregation to personally welcome you to Saint Philip Monumental AME Church. 


We believe in the indistinguishable Word of the most high God. That means our messages are Bible based, but relevant to the everyday events happening in your life.


Attending church should be one of the most enjoyable and heart-felt experiences someone encounters. So be free to laugh, cry, praise, worship, and fellowship with the Lord.


If you desire, you will have a chance to meet our Senior Pastor at the end of the service.

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